It’s hot out…shit I have to wear shorts!?!?!

Anahpee Trail Summer Solstice 50 Mile Relay


I have a love/hate relationship with hot weather. In Wisconsin the winters can be long and running outside unbearable so summer’s arrival is welcomed with open arms…that is until it is so hot out I have to wear shorts (that’s the hate part of our relationship). After years of being horrible to my body I have done a ton of damage, mix in DNA, and giving birth to 3 children lets just say Victoria’s Secret is not banging on my door for their next swimsuit spread. Shorts are my nemesis and often the thought of wearing them prompts some very negative feelings and thoughts. In that moment all the past demons rear their ugly head and present a predicament – revert to old ways or find a different solution.

Now let’s set the stage for why I cannot just avoid shorts (as some of you may be thinking). I’m a runner, it is part of my routine…it keeps me on track and often from reverting to anorexic habits. I see food as fuel not the enemy now because of running, so for me running is important. Wearing pants or capris is an option, but not always a great one when it is 90 degrees out and humid. Shorts it is! In the past I would have spiraled into a panic and gone on a diet, again not a great option. So I’ve began a quest for running shorts – ugh!!!!

I’m realistic! I’m not a model – I was gifted in many ways, height not being one of them, despite what my driver’s license says, I lied I’m not 5’8″ – oops…I’m really 5’3″.   That being said I still cannot pull off shorty-shorts (no one wants to see shorts that disappear into unsaid locations). I want a pair of comfortable, breathable, functionally made shorts that are…fashionable – I’m aging, not dead!

What I have found is that an inseam of 3-4 inches is reasonable and won’t scare small children. As a runner I want a fabric that I can sweat in, but not look like I pee’d my pants. Onto my next “want”…pockets. I’m not looking for cargo shorts, just a place for Chapstick, a key, or a gel. Having all those requirements the top of the list is to look semi good. Again, not like a model just ok. Running is very mental. It sounds stupid to say, but when I feel like I look good, I feel like run better.

I’ve purchased a ton of shorts on my quest for not feeling like a total pile of crap and to be on top of my game as a runner. My favorite brands include: Oiselle (Distance & Roga) & New Balance (Impact).

Regardless of my accomplishments as a runner (I recently finished my 14th marathon) I still struggle to pull on a pair of shorts. I wonder if people are grossed out  by my cellulite and judge me for giggling.  Seems silly to question or worry about something so trivial when those same legs are capable of running 26.2 miles, but I do. The bottom line is though I no longer let the negative thoughts stop me from getting dressed and heading out the door.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive






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