Packing, ugh…

Time to get organized.
Time to get organized.

I thought running was suppose to be a minimal activity that was easy to jump in to…you need shoes, clothes, and motivation. Clearly I was wrong! As I pack for my next running event I am overwhelmed with all the STUFF I need to take with me. Lots to take into consideration – hydration, comfort, fuel, ect. So here are a few of my favorite running supplies that I will be taking with me on my next adventure…

FitSoks – Best socks ever! Minnesota company. They have basic or fun funky colors. Love them and have been blister free for almost 2 years.

Trail Toes (lube) – No one likes chaffing. I use this everywhere, but my feet. I use Vaseline for my toes.

Picky Bars – YUM! Perfect pre run food. Lots of flavor, easy on my stomach, and balance of carbs/protein for lasting energy.

Tailwind – My end all, be all for marathon & ultra hydration/fuel…it truly is all I use or need in a race. My favorite combo is  Rasberry Buzz & Lemon and the brand new flavor Tropical Buzz.  Not to sweet and it mixes instantly…no sticky weirdness in my hydration vest.

Nuun – Hydrating before and after a race is key to my recovery.  Plus this stuff is crazy good.

Orange Mud Handheld & Orange Mud HydraQuiver VP2 – I like to be prepared and these to hydration options are my go to. Bring them with me everywhere I go.  The ease of filling the bottles while in a race was a huge selling point, as many races I participate are low key in regards to their aid stations.

Salt Stick  – I cramp something fierce after about 18 miles. These have helped to regulate my sodium and potassium levels, but I’m not a doctor. Don’t take my word for things…check w/a medical profession before trying anything new.

Orange Mud Vintage Trucker Hat  & Orange Mud Buff – Keeping the sun and sweat out of my eyes is key. I’m not settled on any one item or combo so I’ll bring them all.

iPod Shuffle – I reserve my  iPhone for emergencies and pictures so I want to make the battery will last the whole run. I uses the shuffle because it is tiny and easy to tuck into my shorts or hydration vest.

Last but not least the basics: running shoes (Saucony Zealot or Kinvara),  Oiselle  shirts, and shorts. Mother Nature can be unpredictable and I like to be ready for whatever she throws at me. My goal is to stay dry & comfortable so that I can focus on having an awesome time out on the course.  Yes, I am that person that packs way to many clothes, most of which I will not wear…I’m ok with that. The peace of mind that I get knowing I have anything and everything I may want or need is worth the extra weight in my bag.

In researching for my upcoming races I came across a great GEARLIST that the Orange Mud people put together and posted to their site. I love it so much that I figured I would pass it along. Just click on the link above and you can download it for later use.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive


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