Runner’s Rut – Time to mix things up!

I find myself often times getting into a rhythm and continuing to do the same things over and over again because it may have worked once or twice. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only runner to do this.  Now don’t get me wrong it is good to stick to  what works. Heck that is the golden rule of distance running, don’t change anything the day of a race! That’s not what I’m referring to though when I say I’m in a “Runner’s Rut”.  My goals have changed yet I find myself doing the same things that I did before expecting a different result…that’s the definition of insanity. So why am I so afraid to mix things up? Isn’t that the point of all the training runs that I do? I thought long and hard about this today on my run.  For me it boils down to the fear of failure. Silly I know, we are not talking earth shattering type of  adjustments…a new brand of shoes, strength training, or nutritional supplement isn’t life altering, but just maybe will improve my running performance.  My running life is parallel to my daily life, I tend to not take risks. I see now that I often times miss out on experiences that don’t come around often.   This was a light-bulb moment for me! The question becomes now what am I going to do about my ruts (life & running)!?!?image

Making changes is a commitment. One that I am willing to venture into at least in my running life. I want to get the most out of every single day that I am on this planet,  but change for me is uncomfortable so I’m going to start small… I bought a new brand of shoes! I know to most this is pathetic and totally WIMPY,  but I have wore the same brand of running shoes for over 10 years.

So you’re probably wondering what brand? Let me tell you it wasn’t an easy decision. There are a ton of shoes on the market.  I chose to go with a brand that isn’t well-known but has a quirky fan following and a proven track record with success (aka they have a few well known endurance runners that wear them). They are called Karhu, a Finnish company. I got a great deal ($30) on a flash sale online through Active Gear Up, so the risk was minimal. Just took the Fulcrum out for my first run and found them to be very comfortable right out of the box – no hot spots or tightness in the toe box and they are very light – which I LOVE! They are also quite stylish which is always a bonus. My plan is to wear them on my shorter miles to break them in and take them out for a longer run in a few weeks. I highly recommend that if you can get them on sale to give this brand a try.

I know it’s not much but I’m trying to take risks in running so hopefully that adventurous spirit carries  into the rest of my life. Baby steps! Life is too short to get stuck in a rut.

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive

Update 4/8/16 – I have continued to mix things up and try new shoes.  My latest adventures have been with powered with Skora and Altra brand in an attempt to find the perfect trail shoe for the Ice Age 50k May 14, 2016. I love the room in the tow box that both shoes offer and the connection to the ground with the zero drop. More to come as I tack on miles and send both through a gauntlet of tests.


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