Noodleini 15k 2015 – Recap WI one come's to expect cooler temperatures in November, but all bets are off when it comes to snow.  So to say that I was happy to see the forecast predicting sunny, clear skies for race say is an understatement.  The plan was to wake up early and head into Green Bay so that my... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving or Burst

Thanksgiving is traditionally a holiday where family and friends come together so you can eat until you burst at the seams.  It's my worst nightmare! The thought of gorging myself with no regard to calories is uncomfortable and to make matters worst I'm hosting the festivities...this sets off a domino effect of problems. Problem #1:... Continue Reading →

“I thought you’d be skinnier!”

Weirdly I have heard this more times than one would think.  When talking about my recent running adventures with non-runners I have been criticized for my weight.  Having said that I should put out there that I am average...5 foot 4 inches at 125 pounds.  Could I be thinner, well sure, but truth be told... Continue Reading →

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