Monday Motivation – Too Much Pressure


Why is it that we need a hashtag and a day to be motivated?  Reminds me of the compulsion to devise New Years Resolutions simply because the year is coming to a close.  Do we not need motivation everyday or all year long? The pressure is way to great to uphold these expectations and in my humble opinion it is why we fail so drastically.

Media is not helping us out here.  We are given awesome before and after examples of weight loss or fitness programs.  Are you kidding me?  Last time I checked things don’t happen overnight and chances are the programs don’t work like that to begin with.  Are you going to see improvement if you make changes to your eating and workout patterns…yes, will they be as amazing as the pictures…no!  Where I struggle is the fact that we know better yet still believe that we will be the exception and therefore what we do get is not good enough.  We beat ourselves up and stop doing the things that are making a difference, granted its not the difference that we “expected”.

Satisfaction and becoming complacent are often misunderstood. To award oneself for progress is so important, even if it is small.  Being motivated everyday and setting mini-goals has helped me to achieve great things!  I also though have had to yell at myself on various occasions that even though I want to look like the Kara Goucher and Deanna Kastors of the running world, the likelihood that I will is not high.  Does this mean I should stop running?  Does this mean I should throw my resolutions out the window?  To be realistic and kind to oneself is part of being human.

#MondayMotivation is just too much pressure.  My hopes and dreams for the week, month, or year cannot hang on one day!  If Monday does not go as planned I refuse to chuck the week out the window and resort to #TransformationTuesday grumbling (you know we all do it from time to time – the search for those before & after pictures that make you feel like crap).  Come on people…join me in recognizing that life is too short to wait for one day or time in the year to set realistic goals.  Challenge yourself daily. Be better today than you were yesterday and if you aren’t cut yourself a little slack. Every moment is an opportunity to live life to the fullest…Viva la Vida!

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive

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