8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Runners

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I have been told I am hard to buy gifts for.  I used to take great offense to that, but in reflecting on that statement I sadly realize it is TRUE!  If I want or need something most times I buy it for myself.  I am a very independent individual and choose not to wait if I don’t have to, but that poses a problem come holiday season.  After much thought and consideration I have put together a list of gifts that are not your run of the mill options.  (PS – after years of retail employment I loathe the idea of physically going into stores to shop, hence my idea of shopping is very bias and all online. Take it or leave it, I refuse to put on pants to buy presents. You are welcome.)

  1. Inside Tracker  –  “Optimize Your Body’s Performance”
    Sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for you.
    The concept personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations is something that intrigues me. I work my butt off all year long to get in the best shape possible, but often struggle with a balanced diet to offset all the physical demands I place on my body.  Inside Tracker takes the guess work out of that part, letting an athlete focus on their training.  
  2. Pro Compression Socks  – “Train. Race. Recover.”  Race fashion has taken on a life of its own.  Showing up to the start line no longer is a boring experience.  Runners arrive to show off their latest & greatest attire which often includes crazy, colorful compression socks or calf sleeves.  These are both a statement and form some necessity (including myself).  I may have a few pairs, but trust me a runner can never have too many!  Plus Pro Compression comes out with limited edition options throughout the year, like their Christmas version.
  3. SpiBelt – “Small Personal Item Belt” AKA carry all my stuff belt.  Now I have this belt & LOVE it.  I cram so much stuff in it you would think I am heading out for a multi-day adventure.  What I don’t have (hint, hint Santa) is the new SPI H2O Venture.  Not only could carry all my stuff, but also hydration…win-win.
  4. Nuun – ” You push yourself – plus for nuun fuels you faster.” I have used and enjoyed the Nuun hydration tabs for just over a year, but have found that without the carbs I can only get so far on a long run before my tank runs empty.  Enter – Nuun Plus.  For runners that love the sugar free electrolyte option that Nuun provides this is the added bonus to bring the hydration mix full circle.  Couple this idea with the SpiBelt and you will have one happy runner.  Word to the wise the product is carbonated…let it fizz out before putting the top on any container or you will have quite the mess.
  5. Orange Mud  –  “Urban Hippy Tripster Pack” This back pack is the answer to all my over the top organization racing tendencies.  I am a freak when it comes to packing for events, like pack & repack numerous times to ensure that I have not forgotten anything!  I WANT this so bad.  It is functional and just plain cool.  I don’t know what excites me more…how it looks or how many pockets it has.  I own several Orange Mud products and adore how well made they are.  They have withstood quite a beating as I trained for several marathons this past fall season.  I have full confidence that the UHTP will be no different and hold up to the rigors of travel.
  6. CamelBak – “Hydrate & Explore”  The Forge 16 oz double-walled, vacuum-insulated steel vessel should be every cold weather adventurers go to travel companion.  It keeps 16 oz. of coffee or tea piping hot for over 4 hours…yes, read that again – 4 hours. Not only will it help to ward off the dropping temps while you sip away if you are clumsy like I am it is built to take a hit with an impact cap that prevents dents or cracks if you drop it. Let’s just say I’m in need of more dexterity or this cup.  Since the ship has already sailed on any additional  fine motor skills I will settle for this killer cup.
  7. Oiselle – “Big O Yeti” I’m a like a kid in a candy store when I head to the Oiselle site to shop for running attire. It by far is my favorite site for clothing and accessories.  When they recently updated the winter line I went bananas for the Yeti…an adult size onesie.  Oh yes, I want one! I have spent many of races freezing my rear end off and would have loved this to pop on and continue to enjoy the post race celebration.  It comes in a variety of fun, funky colors.  Did I mention that it is adorable…well it is.
  8. Karhu – “Kicking it Old School” Keeping with the theme of throwback if the person you shopping for would be willing to don an adult onesie that outfit would not be complete without a kick ass pair of shoes.  The Albatross are just that shoe.  Cute, functional, and tons of color options.  Relive the good old days with these rad shoes (I did say rad, yes I am old…get over it).

There you have it folks. Just to be clear I am not an ambassador for any of these products, except Nuun. I have not been gifted (I wish) with any of the products and these are my suggestion/opinions.  I love to run and would love any of these if you are looking to send my a present.


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