An Open Letter

Recently I have been seeing this term “tribe” used a lot.  It got me to thinking about the meaning of a tribe. According to a tribe is defined as any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.  As humans we are social animals and find need to be accepted by others.  The bonds that we create when we feel like we have been brought into the folds of a group strongly hold us together firmly.  Maybe is just the latest buzz or grown up  (thankfully replacing squad) word  to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but the concept of friendship is one that we all can relate to.  

Who do you define as your tribe?  I’ve never been an individual who needs an army to stand behind or with me, but I do value the connection with a group of individuals that are like minded – more of a quality vs quantity approach.  I’m often seen as strange or cold because I don’t buy into the status that a million followers brings by social media standards today. None the less I have a tribe and feel the need to express to how deeply they have impacted my life, so this is my letter to them…


Dear Tribe (You all know who you are.)

I choose you and I will always choose you, without fail, because you chose me especially when I would not choose myself.  For all those times we have stood toe to toe and agreed to disagree I thank you for never walking away.  You’ve proven to me that being wrong is not a fault but a realization and for that I thank you.  To be on my side in the fire and turmoil when I could not see the forest for the trees was not easy I thank you for the strength and resolve to stand strong and weather it with me.  Thank you for loving me when I did not love myself and refused to look in a mirror.  You have been my partner in crime: laughing, crying, grieving, celebrating, and winning with me, I thank you.  We’ve grown  apart at times yet we always find our way back, for that I am grateful and thankful.   You have shown me the meaning strength, truth, and hope, while teaching me to accept and appreciate who I am.  I would not be who I am without your love, you saved me. Thank you.

~ Ali

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