Milwaukee Running Festival 2016 – Recap

I am stoked beyond belief to be a 2016 Ambassador for the Milwaukee Running Festival.  One of the items on my “must do” list was to participate in an inaugural event and then subsequently continue to participate as long as I can.  #MKERUNFEST fit the bill!

In 2015 I had the pleasure of being part of the 1st running of the Milwaukee Running Festival marathon.  The day was a mixed bag of emotions.  This was to be my last marathon of the 2015 and a culmination of my 9 week race stint/challenge.  The city of Milwaukee holds a special place in my heart; I was born in West Allis, spent my early years playing in Grant Park visiting my relatives, my parents grew up there, many of my extended family still reside throughout the city, and it is the location of my 1st ever road race (Brigg’s & Al’s Run/Walk).  To return to the place that sparked my love for racing was an honor to say the least.

Race day could not have had better weather.  There was a chill in the air, but skies were clear and the sun eventually emerged. The course was one of the most challenging that I had encountered in my marathon journey (the urban landscape provided several hills and sharp corners, but the interesting scenery and beauty of the lakefront made up for that).  I posted my slowest time for the season, which has fueled me to train harder in during the winter months.

Besides the competitive nature I posses to better my efforts on Milwaukee’s course I also loved the personal touches that this event provided.  The gear check was close to the finish for easy access before and after the event, the packet pick was in a unique location (Harley Davidson Museum), the race started on time, the course was unique, the partnering hotel extremely nice with shuttle service to and from the event all day, and the volunteers were AMAZING!  On top of all these perks I was able to share this experience with good friends and meet many incredible people throughout the weekend.  I am excited to  return November 6, 2016.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a late fall event to come & join me…registration opened today!  The marathon is a steal of a deal at $65 through Dec 31st plus use the code DANERUNS & save $10 off of that…trust me I have signed up for several marathons in the last year (9 to be exact and few were this reasonable – to put things in perspective the Chicago Marathon was $185, don’t even get me started on the hotel prices for that weekend).  PS –  DANERUNS code  also works for half marathon (saves $10 there too) or you can use it for the 5k or mile for $5 off.

I love #MKERUNFEST – trust me it will not disappoint!File_002 (2)


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