I am so happy to be part of the Nuun ambassador group.  I stumbled upon the Nuun hydration products 3 years ago when I began training for the Fox Cities Marathon. At the time I was experiencing a set back with my eating disorder…running a ton and eating very little (ps-this is a terrible combination and I had an awful time at the marathon).  I digress.  In looking for a solution to my hydration needs and not wanting to add calories or sugar I discovered Nuun.  At the time it was perfect for all the wrong reasons, what I have come to love about this product is that it is still a perfect fit for my training, but not for the reasons I began using it.

Fast forward to 2015…I dealt my eating issues and found my way back to running.  Inspired by good friends and a supportive social media running circle I began training for a succession of marathons in the fall season (9 straight weekends of races including 7 marathons).  Early in my training I began experiencing digestion issues while running.  Being that I live in Wisconsin I was also battling very hot and humid training runs.  Gatorade was not working for me. Luckily I still had a few tubes of Nuun left and gave it a try.  What I found is that it was an awesome addition and the sugar free make up did not upset my stomach.  I was able to train hard, stay hydrated, and happily not barf my guts after training runs.

To be completely transparent and clear, I do want to mention that Nuun is not my only hydration aid I use when training. I rotate between Nuun and  Tailwind Nutrition depending on the length of my run. I recently was told that Nuun has a carb product that can be added to their active supplement for additional nutritional support.  I have not yet tried Nuun Plus, but plan to as I ramp up my miles in the coming weeks.

To bring this story full circle I ran my last marathon of 2015 – Milwaukee Running Festival and had the awesome experience of using Nuun on the course.  This is the 1st race that I have ever had the pleasure of using Nuun in a race.  I have been told by the RD for the #MKERunFest that in 2016 they will once again be partnering with Nuun…I could not be more excited as I recently found out that I am an ambassador for both organization!  2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year!  I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of 2 amazing groups and cannot wait to represent both.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive





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