Just eat another cookie…

I’ve heard this often over the past few weeks…”Enjoy. Just eat another cookie…you can run it off later.”  If only it were that easy!

For starters I cannot just pop a cookie in my mouth and not stress about the calories that it contains and what it would take to “burn” it off.    Mentioning I run a lot or I am thin enough, doesn’t help either.  Thank for noticing my disciple to train and for thinking I’m thin, but frankly…that is not how my brain works. Through years of conditioning I am programmed to know the calorie count of almost every edible item on the planet.  I get that most “normal” people don’t have the knowledge to know what the items they put in their mouth add up to and likewise they also do not understand what it truly takes to burn off the calories consumed.  If only they knew how hard it truly is to work off calories amassed over the holidays or any day for that matter.

Those who train hard don’t get their physical results from exercise alone.  If you have heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” you may see where I am going with this.  I have a healthy handle on my eating habits these days. I view food as fuel to keep me on my feet so that I can take on multiple races throughout the year and not only show up but cross the finish line.  To be successful during the holidays I cannot willy-nilly throw food in my mouth and let my hair down with wild abandon.

As I suspect the holidays are a challenge for many (including myself) to maintain focus, motivation, and their weight.  The temptations are around every corner and time is often swallowed up by holiday tasks.  Mentally staying tough and on point during this time is not something that has been or will ever be easy. I find that repeating the mantra “Food is FUEL” can help tremendously.  Also being prepared for holiday engages and going in with a game plan for eating can be a game changer. I try to always have a glass (usually water) in my hand to stay hydrated and keep my hands full.  One is less likely to grab food at will when their hands are occupied.  Engaging in great conversation and reminding myself the holidays are about connecting with friends and family, not food has also been a mental shift that has put a positive spin on this often difficult season for me.

So if you see me at a holiday party and I say “no thank you” to your cookie or tasty adult beverage, please understand I’m not trying to be a stuck up b#@h or act like I am health fitness guru,  I just know that a cookie is about 120 calories and I have to run approximately 10 minutes to burn that off.  I have a marathon in less than 70 days and have goals I’m trying to achieve; goating me into glutany isn’t helping me get there.  Holidays for me have traditionally been a laden with triggers that bring back many nightmarish memories surrounding eating.  I push through each party and event with my eye on the prize of an upcoming marathon or training run…running for me has always been the answer to sanity, not weight control.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive

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