Self love isn’t always easy…



Self love isn’t always easy…thank goodness for my sister! We have a wonderful relationship, now don’t get me wrong she may be younger by 15 months but she used to kick my butt.  Through the years we have become thick as thieves and I truly do not know where I would be in life without her.  I recognize that not everyone has a sister quite like Amy, my hope is though that you all have a person that loves you when you don’t have the ability to love yourself.

Plain and simple we need people. I’m fiercely independent and I still need others.  At the lowest point in my life when I could not see the damage I was doing to my body and soul my sister never left my side, she refused to let me give up.  To this day I owe her my life and all I have become.

When I stumble and fall (which even after almost 20 years from my lowest point still happens) I know I can rely on her.  My sister loves me when I start to spiral, when I’m in denial, when I’m stubborn…she loves me no matter what.

Unconditional love is hard to find and not often in plentiful supply.  To experience it is a feeling to be treasured and appreciated. As 2015 comes to a close and I reflect on all that has transpired I am grateful for those who have entered my inner circle. The support system I have created is amazing and I am truly grateful for the lessons my sister has taught me about being vulnerable and letting others in.  She has helped me to realize that when you rely on others that it is not a sign of weakness but an extension of strength because it is not always easy to love yourself…good friends and family fill that gap.  In 2016 my goal is to not be so bullheaded and let people in, I owe that to my sister who has taught me the value of a support system.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive

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