Letting Go

Letting go of who I think I should be and accepting who I am is an harder task than I anticipated.  The expectations that I’ve placed on myself haven’t always made sense yet I perpetuated those notions, repeating the conversations in my head and continuing to raise the bar with little to no proof that … More Letting Go


Sorry to disappoint if you anticipated seeing a side by side image of a dramatic, fantastic, awe-inspiring transformation.  Truth be told I am not a fan of these images, I applaud those who have made incredible changes in their lives to promote physical transformation, but I question the mental transformation that occurred. Call me cynical … More #TransformationTuesday

Get Outside

As a reformed treadmill junkie I must admit getting outside was a cumbersome task, but looking back I now wonder what took me so long to break from the confines of my basement and experience the joy of outdoor running. I’ll be the 1st to admit I’m an wimp.  I don’t like being cold and … More Get Outside