Whole30 Adventure – Fuel vs Food

It’s go time!  The  Phoenix Marathon (Feb 27th) is quickly approaching and I’ve plunged head first into training.  After scoping out the course on my recent visit to Arizona is is quite possible to set a PR.

In my attempt to kick butt  I’m approaching the next 2 months with vigor and a complete overhaul of my training plan.  I know I can put the miles in – 2015 proved that.  I have the confidence in my legs and lungs to get me to the start line and my stubborn attitude to get me to the finish line.  After reflecting though on the mistakes I made over the previous year I want to be a better runner…not just to show up, but to compete.  Don’t get me wrong, I am under no delusion that I will “win”, but I am fiercely competitive with myself.  To drop my times from last year would be a huge step in the right direction.  For a different result though a different approach is needed.

Enter in the suggestion made by a fellow runner to try the Whole30 program.  The basic premise of the plan is to remove specific food groups (sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes) that may have negative affect on ones health therefore impacting their fitness goals. Be removing these items from one’s diet the body can heal, recover, and begin to reset. Considering I have done my fair share of damage to my body over the years this seems like a plan I can jump on board with.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I attempted to go 10 day sugar-free. It was a miserable failure which quickly brought me to the realization I am addicted to sugar!  Not good…empty calories that are doing nothing for my goal of improving my running performance.

Yes, Whole30 sounds like a great option to clean up my diet and focus on food to fuel my training for the Phoenix Marathon, but I’m hesitant.  I cannot ignore the elephant in the room…my uneasiness with food and track record speaks for itself, it is a struggle. After reading the blog post We’re Clean Eating Our Way to New Eating Disorders  by

In the past I’ve obsessed about what goes in my mouth.  I have and will continue to be challenged by my eating disorder, but to be a better runner I have to improve my diet.  Fueling appropriately is a huge component of successful training.  In 2015 I did not do a good job of consuming the best food possible to reach optimal performance.  Again this is something I struggle with and have to be careful of.  It is a slippery slope when I begin to focus on and control my food options on a daily basis.  Anorexic demons often rear their ugly heads quickly for me.  To acknowledge my triggers has been a extremely powerful part of my recovery process and well as reaching out to others for support.

So with a determined spirit and cautious approach I have begun the Whole30 program.  I’m 2 days in and have been battling the sugar cravings.  To stay accountable I journal what I eat to make sure that I consume enough calories (losing weight is NOT the goal), reflect on how I feel while training, and also monitor my emotional state.  Anorexia dictated my life for many years, I refuse to allow that to hold me back any longer.  2016 is a year to take bad my voice and challenge myself.  Changing my mindset to view food and fuel is an excellent place to start!

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive


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