Sorry to disappoint if you anticipated seeing a side by side image of a dramatic, fantastic, awe-inspiring transformation.  Truth be told I am not a fan of these images, I applaud those who have made incredible changes in their lives to promote physical transformation, but I question the mental transformation that occurred.

Call me cynical or negative, but it is concerning to me that those who have made a change such as weight loss need to seek approval through social media to validate what they have accomplished.  Coming from a place of pure concern I wonder if there has also been a mental transformation as well to sustain the loss/change.

Personally for me to get my eating disorder under control my transformation had very little to do with my physical body (once I was at a safe weight) as it did the thoughts that were associated with it.  My transformation was not visible by others and could not be “liked” in a way that I see transformations acknowledged today.  Calling into question the value we place on surface vs deep change.  Are we striving for something that someone else can “see” or looking to make changes that we can embrace with longevity?

Before you write this post off I ask you to stick with me for at least one more paragraph.  This is the time of the year that we created grand plans to change our lives, complete overhauls of all that we do to evoke a new sense of self…most of which is tied to our appearances.  We are well intended in doing so but are we making changes for approval of others or to truly be better than we were the day before?  Internal transformation cannot be posted, liked, retweeted, ect.  therefore it may not be easily acknowledged, this can be defeating.  However, in my opinion, the changes we make to our thought processes can have a far greater and lasting impact on an individual than a drastic appearance change.

Having strength to transform in a way that may not receive immediate recognition by others is challenging. By today’s standards many will not attempt to do so unless they can document their progress for others through social media.  I totally get that!  Believe me, there is value in being able to look back visually at pictures and see how far you have come.   Actions though have power and many movements come with change from within, a brewing of positive cognition and self love.  As my thoughts began to transition so did my life.  I found balance and peace in a way that I had never experienced before.  I cannot snap a picture to convey this, but I am a different person than I was 20 years ago and continue to emerge as a better version of myself each day.  So on this day when expectations are set as you view the images that others post about their physical morphing, know that your progress doesn’t have to be measurable or “post-able” to be valuable.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive


3 thoughts on “#TransformationTuesday

  1. OMG YES! I thought I was the only one that felt this way. It honestly makes me question said persons real mental health if they have to look online for validation of their changes. Also, they love to add numbers and small nutrition advice as if one ginormous diet and weight loss tool can work for everyone. Like shouting “hey! Do this like me and you too can achieve this”. And honestly, the biggest thing that bothers me is the fact that other people see these posts and feel the immediate pressure to lose weight FAST. And that, in turn can promote disordered eating behavior. I can rant about this forever, but I will end it here. 🙂


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