One & Done – The Marathon

One & done! I have heard this phrase from many 1st time runners, even saw a person put it on a shirt they wore during the HFM marathon in 2105.  I wonder how many really only run one!

I ran my 1st marathon (Green Bay Cellcom Marathon) almost 9 years ago and waited 2 years to run my 2nd marathon.  The amount of training caught me off guard, I formed a new appreciation for the time and discipline that was required.  They say once you know what goes into an effort such as 26.2 miles it is hard to forget it.  I also remembered the pain and stress my body was under during the actual event.  So I partially understand why individuals profess to be “one & done” with the marathon.

However I also remember the joy and accomplishment I felt after every training run. Each step provided me with the confidence that I lacked in my abilities. I was gaining back strength in a body I had abused for years through starvation and I found myself praising myself versus negatively criticizing how I looked.  During the break I took between marathons I tried to find other things that would make me feel as good as running did, but was unsuccessful.  The truth is I did not fall in love with running when I trained in 2007, I feel in love with who I became because of running.  I could not be “one & done” I needed running.

Between 2007-2014 I trained and completed 4 marathons. There was though a voice in my head that kept challenging me to do more. What was I capable of? That is one of the greatest things about running, you get to see what you are made of.  I knew that I could run 26.2 miles and live to tell about it, but what other adventures could I incorporate into my life to continue to push myself. There is a sense of fear that comes with going out of your comfort zone. That is why many of us attempt the marathon in the 1st place.  It seems crazy, impossible, and a little silly, but that is what also sucks us in.

The vortex of running is strong and powerful.  I have yet to meet someone who claims to be “one & done” and truly follow through on that. Running is addictive, amazing, and hard to walk away from once you dive in!  I would wager to say that being “one & done” is harder to follow through on than mustering up the courage to sign up for one’s 1st marathon.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive

* To date I have completed 13 marathons & 2 ultras…so much for claiming back in 2007 I would be “one & done” with distance running!




2 thoughts on “One & Done – The Marathon

  1. You are awesome! I’m planning to add another half to my schedule this year (so far I’m registered for three 10ks and one half), and do my first full in 2017! This year I really need to get my training and nutrition straightened out.


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