The Loudest Voice – Self Doubt

Not running sucks, but that doesn't mean that all runs are wonderful.  When things don't go as expected on a run I not only have to battle my body, but also the voice in my head that is loud and overbearing.  Self doubt has always been part of the script in my head and I... Continue Reading →

When did average stop being a good thing?

Society seems to have somehow twisted the concept of average into a negative personification.  We expect and demand that individuals all be above average or EXCEPTIONAL.  Really?!?!?  So we are all going to be rocket scientists, professional athletes, and Mensa members. I don't think so!  I'd like to end this war on average.  Let's face... Continue Reading →

Roses Are Red & So Are Oreos

In a previous post I mentioned a comment that I get quite often from individuals who hear I run a lot..."just eat another cookie" and expounded on why that is easier said than done for me.  Struggling with an eating disorder means I have issues with food even to this day considering I am over... Continue Reading →

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