Seroogy’s 15k 2016 – Recap


Today did not feel like it was my day…I woke up late (almost missed the start of the race), forgot my inhaler, could not find my friends, and almost wiped out 1 mile into the race, but boy am I glad that I ran this race!

I have run the Seroogy’s 15k on and off for almost 9 years if I was in town. The weekend often fell on the same date as the WACPC State Dance competition and coaching did not allow me to be there.  Since retiring I have been at the Seroogy’s 2 years in a row now and one thing I have come to expect from this event is that it is always a unique experience.  The weather in Wisconsin is always a gamble this time of year and you prep with several layers in mind.  Last year the weather was beautiful – rather warm in the mid-30s, this year the temperature was a bit cooler at 25 degrees.  The skies were clear with not a flake of snow in sight so dealing with the chilly temps was not a big deal.

The race started with the playing of the National Anthem, a few announcements, and we were off.  All runners began at the same time (both 5k & 15k) which caused a congestion until the race split at the 2 mile mark.  I am all for races being welcoming of paces of run/walkers, but it would have been nice to have the runners split up so that faster runners would not have to bob and weave wasting time and energy. I am not one to complain so and not speak up, so I will send a message off to the RD and hope that this is changed for next year.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a speed demon, but I do like to get a good stride down as soon as possible in a race so that I can settle in and run comfortably without fear of colliding with others and possibly getting injured.

I love this course. The 1st mile travels slightly up hill for about 500 feet and then flattens out as you turn into the St Norbert Abby.  The 2nd mile pops you out back onto the road and takes you down the main drag in DePere. It is always nice to have cars honking and the college students cheering as you continue on to the split.  Mile 3 takes you slightly up hill for about 200 feet and then you coast downhill for the next mile (many forget that your return up this hill, not me…I was going to be ready for it).  Miles 4 through 6 takes you out and through Green Isle park and then starts to turn you back towards the start. Mile 7-8 are back up the hill. The final mile is slightly down hill for 800 feet with the one little hill and a turn toward the finish.  Up to that point the course was easy to traverse, but the last 200 feet were slick.  I was quite unsure of my footing and had to slow a bit to place each step more carefully…not what I wanted to do, I felt good and wanted to open up at the finish.

DuTriRun puts on excellent events and brings in wonderful volunteers.  I ran the Noodleini 15k earlier this year and look forward to running the Oshkosh Marathon that they host in April.

Today was a day to race! Even though everything that could go wrong  and I did not know how my legs would feel after the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon last weekend, I ended up having a killer day…15k PR at 1:25.  Goes to show that those days you don’t want to go for a run are some of the most important days to just put on your shoes and GET OUTSIDE, you never know how it will go.

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive

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