8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Runners


I have been told I am hard to buy gifts for.  I used to take great offense to that, but in reflecting on that statement I sadly realize it is TRUE!  If I want or need something most times I buy it for myself.  I am a very independent individual and choose not to wait if I don’t have to, but that poses a problem come holiday season.  After much thought and consideration I have put together a list of gifts that are not your run of the mill options.  (PS – after years of retail employment I loathe the idea of physically going into stores to shop, hence my idea of shopping is very bias and all online. Take it or leave it, I refuse to put on pants to buy presents. You are welcome.)

  1. Inside Tracker  –  “Optimize Your Body’s Performance”
    Sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just…

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