Tailwind Tropical Buzz – Review

I was introduced to Tailwind about a year ago by an runner at the Green Bay Summer Solstice Ultra.  After trying both Raspberry Buzz and Lemon I was hooked.  The light, clean flavor is something that I can sip on for hours while running and not get sick of it.  In the past the combo of GU gels and Gatorade did a number on my stomach.  I would complete long runs and be sick for hours, which is not conducive to my busy life.  Tailwind does not tear up my stomach and cause discomfort.  To date I have trained using Tailwind and also run 3 marathons & a 50k exclusively being fueled and hydrated by Tailwind.  I love the stuff!  I was skeptical at 1st that it would be all that I needed during a race…it truly was.  For the DPTR Marathon I was feeling a bit sluggish before the race started so I packed backup GU gels in addition to filling the 2L bladder of my CamelBak Marathoner hydration vest “just in case” I needed extra fuel.  I ended up giving both of my gels to a struggling runner 15 miles into the race…I had no need for them!

I am amazed at how well I feel when I use Tailwind.  I mix the Raspberry Buzz with Lemon – 50/50.  As I packed for the Icebreaker Marathon, which allowed runners to bring the hydration product of their choice, I grabbed my supply of Tailwind and much to my surprise realized I was almost out!  Not good considering marathon training for 2016 is in full swing.  I did not have time to order before heading to Milwaukee, but added it to my to do list.  In talking with my fellow Oiselle team members at the Icebreaker Relay the night before the marathon we began talking about Tailwind.  Many had not heard of the product and were intrigued my the simplicity it could offer them when running high miles.  One team member asked if I had tried the new flavors. What!?!?! I had no idea that there were new options.  That evening while relaxing in my hotel room I went online to check out what all the “buzz” was with the new flavors.  The two new options are Tropical Buzz and Green Tea Buzz, both are caffeinated.  Personally I’ve never been a fan of Green Tea so I selected the Tropical Buzz.  The ordering process was super quick and easy…now to be patient enough to wait for my purchase to show up (I’m not good at this part).

Within a few days my order arrived. I quickly opened up the box.  There are many reasons that I love Tailwind one of which is the personal touch approach they take with their shipments.  In my box was a hand written thank you note and my name was on the bag.  I was also overjoyed to see that they had included a single serve sample of the Green Tea. I may like it, you never know!  It took a great deal of resistance to not change and head out for a run immediately.  I got my order on Friday and had a race on Saturday…so running long was not an option.  But Sunday I had a 10 mile hill workout planned and I was going to need good hydration to help get me through that.

I mixed up my Orange Mud bottle the night before and popped it into the fridge. I like my drink COLD!  I used the recommended mixing suggestion on the bag to fill my 25oz bottle and found this combination to be perfect.  Tropical Buzz is fruity with a kick. The flavor is light and clean like the previous Tailwind flavors I have used.  I began sipping every 2 miles of my run and found it to be refreshing each time.  After completing my 10 miles I still had a 1/4 of my bottle left and continued to sip on this post run.  The caffeine helped to fuel the hills that I tackled and keep me active hours after my run, I was energized but not shaky.  I look forward to using in on my 18 mile run this upcoming weekend.  Don’t get me wrong I still love Raspberry Buzz & Lemon (especially together) but Tropical Buzz has become my new favorite flavor…fruity deliciousness. This is going to be a great marathon training season.  I will report back after I try the Green Tea.

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