Oiselle Volee Wisconsin #RunLoveChallenge


Photo Credit: Heather Stephens

6 weeks of running love with a fellow Oiselle bird to help inspire and push you…um, yes – where do I sign up?  The wonderful Fast Feather (aka Heather Stephens) came up with a fantastic idea to keep the fitness ball rolling after the glitz and glitter of declaring one’s  New Year’s Resolution starts to wear off.  Enter a squad to help keep the good mojo flowing and laser focus on our goals.  Genius! Staying passionate about running is so much more fun with a friend and there are few things that any group does better than the Oiselle Volee when it comes to friendship!

Se here is how it worked…

  1. Pick a partner, or shall we say a run lover.
  2. Set a mutual goal to be achieved on/by February 14th. 
  3. Check in on the O blog each Monday for our challenge of the week and complete it with your run lover near or far.

My lovely Wisconsin partner was Becky.  After getting to know each other we set our mutual goal to do at least one long run, one core workout, and an additional workout each week.

Let me start by saying – I totally hit the jackpot when I was paired up with my partner… Becky was AMAZING to work with!!!! To stay on track we were in contact daily via email, Facebook, and Twitter.  Becky was a breath of fresh air. She was so enthusiastic and positive that I found myself wanting to match her energy and worked out harder than I ever have before. This has been the best start I’ve had to a marathon training season to date.  I usually start so strong, but get distracted. Becky helped to keep me accountable, motivated, and inspired. My love for running was ignited and I was able to power through some tough workouts knowing that my partner was also busting a move on her end.

In the middle of our 6 week challenge Becky and I had the awesome opportunity to meet up for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon Relay Jan 30th.  It was awesome meet face to face with the person that I had been communicating with.  We had a blast at the relay with other Oiselle birds (the Flock represented well and had such a good time).  I cannot wait for 2017’s event.  #FlyFastStayWarm

Before we knew it the #RunLoveChallenge was over…I was sad!  It was amazing to have the support from a fellow runner.  2015 for the most part was a very independent experience for me in regards to my training and running goals.  This challenge has opened my eyes to how amazing it is to connect with other runners and be able to share experiences with them.  2016 is off to a great start and no more going solo, it is a year to connect and share in my journey of running with others.  Let the fun continue!

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive

PS  – Becky you rock!!! Thank you for being the BEST partner ever.


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