FitSok ISW Isolwool No Show Cuff – Review

I recently wrote a post about running socks.  Before doing a little research I had no idea that socks “wear out”.  Following the post FitSok was very kind to send me a 15% off coupon to purchase new socks…which I desperately needed after the Phoenix Marathon.  In reviewing all the products that were available online I ordered my 1st pair of wool trail socks (ISW Isolwool No Show Cuff).  I am currently training for the  Ice Age 50k May 14th which boasts some pretty tough terrain with lots of debris and obstacles to traverse.  I want to not only be physically and mentally prepared, but have the right gear! I ordered my typical size in FitSok as I have loyally worn the brand for 2 years.  When they arrived I was super excited to give them a try, but quickly realized that they were not like the other FitSoks I own…they were too big.  Bummer, but not a disaster.  They fit my husband perfectly and he has been wearing them for lifting and gold.

I’m not easily deterred and decided to give the smaller size a try after stopping by my local running store (Run Away Shoes  – bonus I was able to use my Green Bay Running Club discount and get 15% off).  Spring is upon us in Wisconsin and the trails sloppy, but open and calling. Before I could get out and try the socks on the trail my family and I headed to Florida for Spring Break.  I planned to run a few days while we were on vacation so I threw a pair of the socks in my bag to give them a go and see how they would handle in warm, humid conditions.

Florida did not disappoint with the heat.  The day I wore the FitSok ISW Isowool on my run it was 85 degrees and humid.  It was hot – like shorts and a t-shirt kind of hot!  I was a bit out of my element since we had left 30 degree weather a few short days prior.  My feet remained cool and dry even though the rest of me was dripping in sweat.  The material was soft, not scratchy like other wool products I have tried.  Upon running I threw them into the washer and then into the dryer…I don’t do fancy when it comes to laundry.  I am hard on my running gear while wearing it and want ease when it comes to getting them clean.  If items are difficult to deal with and made cheaply they do not stick around in my house.  When I pulled out the socks they looked brand new.  They held their shape, did not pill, or shrink.  On a side note and something I greatly appreciate, FitSoks are all made in the USA.  Its a nice touch to not only be able to purchase them locally in Green Bay, but know that I am supporting the production of the socks here in the States means a lot.

Impressed by how these socks handled on my run I also wore them to the Magic Kingdom as I knew I would be putting in a few miles of walking with my family.  4 miles to be exact! Again great performance in the heat.  I did not have to adjust my socks at all, they stayed put and dried fast after being drenched on Splash Mountain.

These socks have passed the short run and walking test, but I bought them for trail running. So this past Saturday I pulled on the FitSok ISW Isolwool and laced up my Skora Tempos to head out for a long overdue run on the Anhapee State Trail.  A few days prior Wisconsin was hit with a snow storm that dumped 6 inches of snow on Luxemburg and the surrounding area.  Most of the snow had melted, but there was still about 2 inches left on the Anhapee which made for a challenging 10 miles.  Sloppy, messy ground made for wet shoes a mile into my run.  I was pleasantly surprised that even in these conditions I did not develop blisters.  The temperatures rose quickly and eventually topped out at 40 degrees while I was out.  I overdressed and as a result sweat like a beast, but again my feet did not blister or feel “hot” as one who expect with wool.  The cushion was a nice added touch as my shoes are minimal by design, that extra bit helped to combat the frozen, hard sections of the trail adding a layer of comfort I appreciated.

I’m sold! I love these socks for both trail and road running. I did notice after my trail run that I had a few rocks lodged in the top portion of the cuff that may have worked their way down if I was out for a longer run.  Purchasing a mid-calf version or shoe gaiters may help to prevent this from happening in the future.  The Anhapee has many spots on it that have finely crushed gravel which quickly causes problems when the little stuff gets kicked up and into your shoes or socks.

My one complaint is the lack of color options. They come in dark gray with green or hot pink detailing.  I love a dark sock, but I also like a white option.  Hopefully in the near future there will be more options available.  It’s hard to be #RunMatchy with limited colors! (Hint, hint folks at Fitsok headquarters:)

#BeKind #BeHappy #BeActive



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