We all have to start somewhere! #oisellefullhalf

The ladies at Oiselle have cooked up another great challenge to help get the bird squad up and moving.  It was once pointed out to me that I often discredit some of the races that I run or miles I put in by prefacing them as “only”…”I am only running a half marathon” or “I only ran 13 miles”.  In my mind I have done a minimal effort, but lets me honest, 13 miles is a ice chunk of mileage to be putting in and a half marathon is no small feat.  I have worked to change my mind set and also speak differently when referencing my racing and running efforts.   Recently in a Facebook runners group that I belong to a huge blow up occurred among its members when individuals were complaining about people posting about 5ks.

Have we lost our minds and forgotten that we all started somewhere and I am pretty sure that it wasn’t at 13 miles out on our 1st jaunt.  I remember getting back into running last year in March and jumping on my treadmill to run 2 miles.  I felt like I had run a marathon when I finished and the next day I struggled to hobble around school.  My fitness was awful and my motivation to stick with things shaky at best.  Without the support of friends who are crazy nutty runners I don’t think I would have stuck with it and fought through those beginning weeks…I’m so glad that I did stick with it though.  My life is so different as a result. I have meet wonderful friends and experienced awesome adventures as a result of running.

Life is tough and we tend to judge each other harshly, so let’s knock it off – supporting each other is way cooler!  The April #oisellefullhalf challenge is a great way to do just that and in turn challenge ourselves.  WE can stop referring to things as “half” or “less than” and instead put forth a efforts that we can be proud of.  Personally I am pledging to run 13 miles/13 times & do 13 push ups each day in April.  In addition I am going to drag anyone that I can find along the way to join me in these efforts to jump start their Spring exercise routine.  This year I will take on several new challenges, but none of them would have been possible without the help from my friends…we all start from zero – let’s make this a great month together and complete the #oisellefullhalf.

Update 4/8/16 – 8 days into this April challenge I have completed a 13 mile run, but fallen off the wagon with push ups.  Time to dig deep and get back into things.  Having a group of awesome individuals also striving to complete this challenge is a welcomed support system and way to stay accountable.

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive




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