#FitSok Ambassador 2016

As most of you have realized I LOVE to run and am very passionate about the people and products that help me take on new adventures! I believe in paying it forward for other runners and spreading the knowledge that I have acquired through my often epic failures. I have encountered fueling, hydration, and at times wardrobe malfunctions.

One of my biggest issues that I dealt with when I started training for my 1st marathon back in 2007 was blisters…big, bad, debilitating, painful blisters!  I was given excellent advice by veteran runners to address this issue by taking a look at the shoes and socks that I was wearing. I began with my shoes. After getting help at my local running store to achieve the perfect fit and brand that worked for my body needs (I have the flattest feet on the planet) I started the daunting task of looking for socks. I quickly realized in my search that there were a ton of options available.  Sifting through the brands and then the differing styles was a bit crazy.  Tons of miles and purchases I found that FitSok was my favorite and helped to solve my blister problem.

Over the past 9 years I have changed shoes several times (many of the styles I love have been discontinued), but one thing has remained constant in my running line up…my socks.  Specifically – I have stuck with the FitSok brand.  Bottom line is the have not failed me.  My expectations are high, I need socks that will be comfortable in all types of conditions to deal with the unpredictable Wisconsin weather.  When I noticed my socks were slipping and falling down in my shoes I messaged the customer service at FitSok to figure out what the heck was going on…to my surprise socks wear out?!?! Who knew. I love that a company is willing to respond to runners and in turn support them with knowledge that can help improve their experience. Many of times that I have reached out to companies I have not heard back. That is troublesome to say the least.  I honestly don’t need anymore reasons to love FitSok, they have already won me over with their product, but finding out that they are American Made, sealed the deal for me – yep, they ROCK!

For the most part I have been a road runner, but recently I have been dabbled in the trail running world and fall head over heels!  My needs as a runner have changed slightly – I crave adventure and challenge, but need to also up my gear game to help me achieve my new crazy goals.  I have been testing out the new FitSok trail socks and adore them.  The cushion, wool material, and no show cuff style is exceptional.  Headquarters promises me that they have a ton of new “fashion” and “style” to roll out over the next few months…I cannot wait to see what they have cooked up.  I’m over the moon to join the FitSok family as an ambassador in 2016 and  spread the love for their awesome products to any athlete that will listen. Thanks FitSok for helping me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and embark on EPIC adventures this year!

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive

PS –  I’m a straight shooter and tough critic so for me to praise a product and jump on board with a company they need to be pretty darn wonderful. If you ever have any questions drop me a line in the comment section.  I will tell you like it is (at least from my perspective).  #RunForIt



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