Mango Orange Nuun Energy – Review

Mango Orange

Photo Credit: Nuun Hydration

I have officially finished my tube of Mango Orange Nuun, so here is what I thought about this brand spanking new flavor…

  • Flavor/Taste – light, crisp, and sweet but not over powering.  I have come to expect and appreciate this with Nuun products.  They are exciting to drink with flavors that are interesting and unique but do not beat you over the head with obnoxious sugar content or an after taste. When I run I want a refreshing flavor that will not turn icky sweet after consuming it for several hours and Mango Orange did not disappoint!  I did pick up more of the mango than orange in this combo, however I liked the zing that the orange brought to my taste buds.  Mango tends to be on the sugary side as a fruit, the acidic profile of the orange (even though it was minimal) helped to balance it out.  I have tried all 4 flavors that Nuun offers (Wild Berry, Fresh Lime, Mango Orange, and Cherry Limeade) and Mango Orange has become my new favorite and go to.


  • Energy Factor – caffeine in this tablet was the kick in the pants and added pep in my step I needed as well as welcomed after picking up my marathon training routine these past few weeks.  I work full time, have three kids, and have several marathons on my race schedule for 2016…some days powering through a workout can be a challenge.  When I’m drained the Nuun Energy line helps to carry me through the miles I need to put in for the day.   With caffeine from green tea extract, b-vitamins, and electrolytes I am able to maintain the energy needed to reach my athletic goals and not compromise my commitment to #liveclean. I truly believe that you are what you eat and with the new Nuun formula I can do just that.


  • Color – after dropping a tablet or 2 into you bottle (I’m a double “tabber” who likes a lot of flavor) you have about 2 minutes to finish getting ready to head out the door for your run. Yep, Nuun tabs dissolve super fast.  The Mango Orange tablet turned my water a bright orange color.  At first I was alarmed by this for 2 reasons: 1) what in the product produced this color and 2) would it stain my bottle.  I am not a fan of food coloring or dye and try to limit it as much as possible in my diet.  I was beyond happy to find that the new Nuun formula is plant based and does not contain food coloring of any kind.  The orange I was seeing after the tablet dissolved was plant based and completely safe to consume (check out the Nuun website for more info about their ingredients). That being said there was still the possibility that my bottle would forever look like an Ompa-Umpa from Willy Wonka’s factory. Again, I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by the new formula.  When I finished my last gulp from my bottle not a trace of the orange liquid could be detected.  No funny residue or staining.


  • Smell – delicious, like a vacation cocktail you would sip by the pool.  One would think that a light flavor would produce a non-existent smell…nope!  Mango Orange Nuun is a powerful combination of fruity, sweet, and floral that teases the senses.  One sniff and I could not wait to taste it.  When both the taste and smell sensory receptors are engaged you know you are in for a treat.


I’m thrilled with the new flavor and cannot wait to order more.  I was super salty when Nuun discontinued my favorite flavor Kona Cola, but may be softening to the idea of forgiving individuals at Nuun headquarters after trying out Mango Orange. If you too love Kona Cola you can still order it at the moment, but supply is limited and not predicted to last long.

Those who have not tried the new flavor or formula Nuun is currently running an offer for free shipping on all orders…don’t delay though it is for a limited time. As always if you have any questions drop me a comment down below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive




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