2016 Holiday Gift Giving Ideas For Athletes

It’s that time of year again when we formulate our list and plan an attack on the stores to find the perfect gifts for those we love (or in some cases are obligated to purchase gifts for).  However this very thought makes me cringe!  I cannot muster up the strength to fight the crowds. Not to mention the years of torture I endured on the front lines within the retail arena as a dutiful employee.  Nope, I cannot do it.  More so, I will not do it this year.  I am taking a stand and not putting on pants to shop…I will, come hell or high water shop all online this year!  Here are a few ideas I have come up with to start checking items off my list for the athletes on my list…


Image result for team bird training
Photo Credit: Nora Bird

Team Bird Training – “No matter what your goal is, the feeling of reaching it is the same.” What do you buy a runner who has EVERYTHING?!?!?  Easy – give them the gift of personalized training with esteemed ultrarunner and coach Nora Bird. One-size-fits plans do not work for everyone, especially if the runner in your life loves to dream big and strives to improve with each workout.  Nora establishes a plan that meets the clients needs versuses the masses.  The possibilities are endless with her guidance. With 3 plans available (range $110-$250 month) as well as gift certificates, finding the perfect option is possible…not to mention the sweet t-shirt that comes with every 3 month minimum commitment.  Black Friday Deals will be posted 11/25/16!

Photo Credit: Nora Bird

Image result for beetboost
Photo Credit: Beet Boost

Beet Boost – ($30) “Boost your stamina and recovery.”  One superfood is awesome, two superfoods together even better! Beet Boost brings together the benefits of beet juice and tart cherries to aid athletes through improved energy, reduced fatigue, mental clarity, and faster recovery.  100% natural ingredients (nitrate oxide performance) with amazing taste makes for a winning combination for the athlete looking to get the most out of each workout. Single serve sticks make for ease of use and perfect portions everytime.  10 servings per box make for a great trial for the runner on your list.  Dividing them up for stocking stuffers or wrap the whole box up.


Inside Tracker  –  “Optimize Your Body’s Performance”Sophisticated, science-based blood analytics, tailored just for you. The concept personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations is something that intrigues many runners who work their butts off to get in the best shape possible, but often struggle with a balanced diet to offset all the physical demands placed on their bodies.  Inside Tracker programs (range $49-499) take the guess work out of that part, letting an athlete focus on their training. Knowledge is power…#blooddoesntlie.   Use code: THANKSANDIE for a huge discount on the ultimate package. 

Image result for inside tracker
Photo Credit: InsideTracker

FitSok – “Performance socks built for you, the athlete.” Might I add that they are super fun too!  The new holiday design (Sweater Sock – $10 a pair) is out of the world.

Sweater Sock
Photo Credit: FitSok
Not to mention comfortable and the same great quality I have come to appreciate from FitSok. This sock makes for a great addition to any ugly sweater outfit! Be fore warned they are a limited edition and will not be around for long.  Use code: ALI for 15% off your order, plus shipping is $1.



SpiBelt – “Small Personal Item Belt” AKA the carry all my stuff belt has been upgraded.  The new Endurance Series belt ($35)  is designed carry heavier loads, includes holsters for multiple energy gels, has adjustable race bib toggles (no more fumbling with pins), reflective trim, and has a water-resistant lining. Color options include red, gray, blue, and black.

Photo Credit: SpiBelt

Photo Credit: Nuun
Nuun – “Optimal hydration for athletes everywhere.” Most runners will confess that they have MANY water bottles, but could always use one more.  This custom MiiR bottle ($22) is a cut above the rest and will blow their other bottles out of the water.  With a 20 ounce capacity and wide mouth opening for easy filling your runner will stay hydrated in style.  Constructed out of 18/8 medical grade stainless steel the bottle has a one twist lid and is cup holder friendly. As if that wasn’t enough to send you to the website to order one for the runner on your list (and you know you want one too) the purchase of this bottle will help give one person in need water for an entire year…cue warm fuzzy feeling! #designedtoempower  Use code: OPTOUTSIDE for 20% off your order, plus free shipping.

Road ID – “Its who I am.” There are not many gifts that can top piece of mind for loved ones and safety.  Road ID takes saftey seriously and creates products for all the athletes in your life.  Inspired as a result of a fall in 1999 and a concerned parent Road ID was created to fill a gap and allow for vital information to be available at a moments notice if tragedy struck while individuals were out training or competing.  The bracelets make for a perfect and necessary gift!

Image result for road id bracelet
Photo Credit: Road ID
Orange Mud  –  “Urban Hippy Tripster Pack” This back pack ($200) is the answer to all my over the top organization racing tendencies.  I am a freak when it comes to packing for events, like pack & repack numerous times to ensure I have not forgotten anything. UHTP is functional and just plain cool.  I don’t know what excites me more…how it looks or how many pockets it has.  Orange Mud products withstand the rigors of training, racing, and traveling.  Any runner would be thrilled to own this bag.  Color combo options include black with orange straps, black with olive straps, camo, black on black, and black with pink straps. Sign up for the Orange Mud newsletter and you can save 10% on your purchase (code will be emailed to you).

UHTP - Urban Hippy Tripster Pack - Orange Mud, LLC
Photo Credit: Orange Mud

Image result for LOGO POM BEANIE $26
Photo Credit: Oiselle
Oiselle – Logo Pom Beanie ($26) Available in Rio Red/Rise and Midnight/Storm these hats are just plain fun!  Thick and warm enough for the coldest of runs no matter what Mother Nature tosses out this winter.  If a piece of clothing can change your mood (which I totally believe that it can) this hat can do the trick. Constructed of soft knot material this cap styl hat covers all the bases from casual wear to a training beat down on the trails.  I may or may not have purchased both colors (ok, I totally bought both of them they are too awesome not to).


SaltStick Fast Chews – ($3-15) These chewable little treats not only taste delicious, but are   formulated to closely resemble the electrolytes lost (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) while sweating during a hard workout or race. In replacing much needed electrolytes runners may find a reduction in muscle cramping and heat stress as well as a boost in their stamina.  Each serving (2 tablets) contains: 100 mg sodium, 30 mg potassium, 10 mg calcium, 6 mg magnesium. The flavor options available include Tart Orange and Zesty Lemon-Lime and are available in a 10 count roll or 60 count resealable bottle.  Ingredients are: non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian, fat-free.  The weather may be cooler, but runners still need to replace electrolytes while training. Fun and tasty I have relied on SaltStick fast chews to help power through several tough races.  They make great stocking stuffers.  Use code: RFA10 for 10% off your order.


Image result for SaltStick
Photo Credit: SaltStick

Trail Toes Cream ($11.99) Happy feet = happy runner!  This anti friction foot and body cream is made for the extreme athlete !  Under tough conditions it will protect from chaffing and blistering, keeping dad’s feet intact and ready to roll. It is engineered to protect on every terrain imaginable regardless of how wet, dry, or hot it is.  Help dad push his boundaries this summer and  explore confidence, blister free.

Image result for trail toes cream
Photo Credit: Trail Toes

Photo Credit: IceSpike
IceSpike – “Serious traction for all outdoor activities.” Winter conditions can be tough to run in, but they don’t have to be!  When Mother Nature dishes out snow and ice most runner are driven inside onto the “dreadmill”.  Unfortunately this is not always the best training option for Spring races.  IceSpike ($29) is the solution. They  can easily be installed on the soles of ANY road shoes.  Runners do not have to sacrifice the comfort of their favorite shoes for safety.  The traction and dependablity in snow and ice though also translates to  muddy and wet trail conditions, loose gravel, slippery roots, and rocks. Once the screws are in place the sky is the limit for the terrain a runner can cover. Each deluxe packaged comes with 32 spikes and 1 installment tool.  Use code: SeeDaneRun for 20% off your order.


Just a heads up the views and opinions expressed on this web site are soley mine. Products were not supplied by the companies mentioned.  Happy Holidays and Shopping!

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive


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