Waiting On a Phone Call

How to nail your phone screening interview

As I was talking with a friend about waiting for someone to call them back a profound concept evolved from our conversation.  We miss many opportunities  while we wait around for others.  Crazy thought…what if we stop “waiting” and start “doing”?!?!?!?!

Living life to our fullest potential is a buzz phrase often tossed around this time of year. Image result for new years eve We are closing in on the end 2016 putting to rest all that we have accomplished or in many cases left unfinished and as we do we vow to be different in 2017.   But will we?  Why are we waiting for the ball to drop, the clock to strike midnight, and corks popped…frankly all this waiting is killing our potential.

Related imageIn my 38 years on this beautiful planet I can think of countless moments that I have let slip by as I remained idle and laid back in my life.  What could I have been doing during this times, what adventure could have unfolded or connection with another been made.  Mind blown!  There is more to life than waiting around and 2017  is about  taking advantage of every day and  embarking on the unknown. No more waiting,  more doing!

365 days to connect, be bold, stop letting life pass me by…who knows what I will stumble upon as I shift my perspective and stop waiting on phone calls.  

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive


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