Beet Boost – Review

As I transitioned from marathons to ultra events this past year I found the rigors of back to back long runs tough on my body.  I was not recovering as I had in the past and dragging through the remainder of my week.   A fellow runner suggested I give beet juice a try.  He had found the benefits to be far reaching and well past the expectation of simply improving his training.  As a mom of three kids, a full time teacher, wife, and aspiring ultra runner I am up for trying products that may aid is warding off my ever present fatigue.

I’m a nut when it comes to research so I set out to find a product that would be easy to use and fit into my non-nonsense busy life.  There are many beet root based products to choose from! I had a difficult time narrowing down which item to try.  Ultimately I choose Beet Boost.  The individually packaged servings was appealing as I often run right after work and do not go home.  I love that I don’t have to lug a large container around and can mix up my drink with very little mess (I have learned to cut the top off versus rip as this can cause the fine powder to fly everywhere…this was a hard earned lesson).

Let’s start with some basic, logistic type info.  Beet Boost motto is – “Boost your stamina and recovery.”  It is a combo of  two super foods  beet juice and tart cherries.  Together this powerful combo is designed to aid athletes through improved energy, reduced fatigue, mental clarity, and faster recovery. The ingredients are 100% natural.

I purchased a single box for $29.95 (free shipping) for a 10 day challenge.  The box arrived quickly and in perfect condition.   Directions were pretty straight forward…mix with 8 oz of water and drink 30 minutes prior to exercise.  Beware though that the product does stain (learned that the hard way).

Day 1 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 6 mile hill workout/run.  The taste was unique, slightly tart and bitter with zero sweetness.  The water I used was room temperature.  (I have found that the temperature of the water makes a huge difference on the taste factor.  The colder the better!)  Workout went as planned. Product did not upset my stomach.

Day 2 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 5 mile speed workout/run.  Mixing with cold water improved the taste.  Instead of sipping I slammed it down quickly.  Workout was a tough one, but I made it through.

Day 3 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 5 mile recovery run.  The intention was to go slow and remain steady.  My legs were sore from the past 2 workouts and getting going was a challenge.  I had expected to slog through each mile, but found that I had more stamina than I usually do.

Day 4 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a core workout (no running today).  I am not a fan of core work and typically have a tough time completing the Oiselle Dozen…not today! I had energy and felt amazing throughout the series.

Day 5 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 6 mile trail workout/run.  I’m starting to dig the flavor of the beet juice and tart cherries.  It has similar taste qualities to coffee, which was something that I had to adjust to and acquire.  The trail I ran was exceptionally hilly and full of terrain diversity (aka a ton of fun).  I pushed hard and my body responded to the extra effort better than I had hoped.

Day 6 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 30 minute stretching/rolling session.  Today was my day off from running, but I wanted to stay consistent with the beet juice.  I have noticed less soreness in my legs even after some challenging workouts.  Today’s roll out was not as painful as it usually is.  That I was impressed by!

Day 7 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 6 mile trail workout/run. Another fun, but tough run.  The rigors of the hills and varying surface usually leave me beat up and exhausted.  I was tired, but not spent after this run.

Day 8 – Consumed 30 minutes prior 10 mile workout/run.  This was my longest run to date. I was concerned that the juice might upset my stomach, but was pleasantly surprised that it did not.

Day 9 – Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 5 mile recovery run.  I had great turn over and was able to put down some quick miles.  I figured after a week of runs I would be dragging by this point, but I actually felt pretty good.

Day 10 – Last day of the challenge. Consumed 30 minutes prior to a 6 mile speed workout/run. Threw ice cubes into my drink to get it even colder and a drop of liquid Stevia (Sweet Leaf)…perfect combo. I liked the added sweetness.  Another great run.


  • Product did not upset my stomach.
  • Easy to transport.
  • All natural, no GMOs, no preservatives, and is vegan
  • Stimulant free. Zero caffeine or sugar.
  • Quickly shipped by company.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Using for short runs/workouts may get a bit pricey.  I can see reserving this for long runs (15 + miles) or really tough workouts.
  • Stains if you get it on your clothes or skin.
  • On the bitter side.  Takes a bit to get used to.


So what did I learn from 10 days of using Beet Boost…the taste is one that takes getting used to.  Mixing with cold water is a MUST and adding a touch of sweetness was key for me. I felt energized during my workout and felt ready to go for each workout.  10 days was a nice start, but I would like to see how the product impacts a 3-4 month training cycle. I have already ordered another box of Beet Boost to continue to add this to my diet.  I will update as I continue to train and prepare for my next 50 mile race adventure Zumbro in April.

#BeHappy #BeKind #BeActive

Photo Credit: Beet Boost

*I was not paid or gifted this product for review.  Opinions in this review are my own.  If you have questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will gladly respond as best I can.  I look forward to see how this product impacts my performance and will continue to share my experience with it.


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