goodr Running Sunglasses – Review

One of my key pieces of running gear that keeps me up and moving are my sunglasses.  No matter the time of day, weather, or length of my run I don’t leave home without them.  Problem being…I lose them often and constantly break them – total HOT MESS!  So when shopping for glasses price and durability are key factors, but that doesn’t mean I want to give up style, I want all the bells and whistles.  I’m a sucker for the wayfarer pair of glasses and have been able to pick up reasonably priced pairs through Amazon.  I was shocked when the pair I bought last August made it a whole year…very unusual for me.  Just as I said that out loud I broke them into a million pieces when I had an epic fall.

Image result for goodr glassesAfter mourning the death of my tried and true favorite glasses and finding out that they no longer were available online, I began the tedious task of searching for a new pair.  I recently saw an article in Runner’s World about an up and coming company making kick ass running gear…goodr.  I later found out that their glasses made Runner’s World “Gear of the Year 2016” list.  It was worth a shot to check them out.

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So the premise of goodr glasses is that they are “no slip, no bounce, all run, all fun.”  They deliver on the fun with the various color options and crazy names for each plus the price is just right at $25.  I was down to try out a pair of goodr wayfarers.  I ordered the Flamigos on a Booze Cruise (pink with blue lenses) pair.  They arrived quickly and in an awesome sturdy box and storage bag.


NO SLIP – The company uses a special grip coating to help eliminate slippage when sweating. They do not lie! I took the glasses out for an spin (14 miles) and found them not only comfortable, but they did not budge from where they started.

NO BOUNCE – The company states that the frame is snug and light weight to prevent bouncing while running. Nothing drives me crazier than when my glasses move. I found the glasses to be snug, but not tight.  They did not wiggle or giggle.

POLARIZED LENSES – The company offers UV400 protection that blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays. They also feature glare-­reducing, polarized lenses.  Again, as promised these glasses delivered on their promises.

GREAT PRICE – The company also advertises a reasonable price.  At $25 these glasses come in much cheaper than most running glasses I found.  I was skeptical that they would be cheaply made and not last, but I have been wearing them for 3 months and have yet to break them!

Con:  I did find that with my neck gaiter pulled up (it was 20 degrees out for my 14 miler) the lenses did fog up a bit, however, anti-fog was not a claim or feature goodr mentioned on their site…it was more wishful thinking on my part.  It would be a nice addition in the future as well as more color options for the lenses.

I have been pleasantly surprised by goodr running sunglasses and fully intend to pick up a few more colors…who doesn’t need a pair of Iced by Yetis (white) in their lives or Donkey Goggles (orange).  I’ve got a ton of miles in my near future as I train for ultra adventures this upcoming Spring.

I’m hard on my gear, but have no doubt these glasses can keep up as I put them through the rigors or trails, roads, and shenigans. You can purchase directly from the goodr site or Amazon.  Either way they show up quickly to your door and add a ton of fun to any running wardrobe.

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4 thoughts on “goodr Running Sunglasses – Review

  1. Thanks for the review! I dream of a pair of Oakleys one day…but, since I’m a poor runner these seem like a great option. They are cute! I’ve been running in a very cheap (they were freebies at an expo) pair of plastic, slipping, bouncing shades. Ha!


  2. Love them! I want them in the same color 🙂 I can relate to the above comment… my running sunnies are a cheapo pair that got thrown at me during a St. Patrick’s day parade… guess I could invest $25… 🙂 nice review!


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