Being uncomfortable is hard. ⁣

Frankly it’s something that I try to avoid at all costs, but eventually life catches up with me and forces me to deal with the unsavory stuff! 2019 has been a rollercoaster and I’ve had to sharpen my skills of side stepping emotionally challenging events. ⁣

Just as I had thought I was in the clear and could slide into 2020 fully intending to launch a fresh start I was presented with something I couldn’t avoid. I was terrified to lean into what was happening, but I had to. There’s always this fear that I won’t be able to handle what comes with the uncomfortableness. That fear is debilitating and ebbs away at any progress I have made in the past. Surprisingly though it was refreshing. ⁣

Yep, being uncomfortable allowed me to deal with all the other feelings I had been avoiding. I felt 1000 times lighter and realized I’m not the same person I was a year ago. I can in fact handle being uncomfortable and I’ve been forced to reprioritize my life in a way that I’ve always known I needed to but was too scared. Setting boundaries used to be such a negative concept for me. I never wanted to disappoint anyone. Spoiler alert…I’m not super human and cannot do it all. Creating a mechanism to keep myself available to be uncomfortable has been a game changer. I have learned I can sit in my emotions and need to allow myself space to do so. ⁣

Self care is the latest “buzz” word in psychology right now and it angers me to no end when individuals utilize this concept to market products. A face mask is not going stop the ED voices from screaming in my head when the Christmas cookie platters start surfing the halls at work or the sadness that hangs in the air from the loss of all the great humans that passed this year. However, slowing down to put time into self reflection can and if I happen to being wearing a face mask when I’m doing that so be it. Point being protecting your mental health is not a gimmick or sales tool it’s a vital necessity. I let that slide and in turn missed when my child was struggling. That broke me but frankly something needed to. I’m a better person for slowing down and stopping to feel all the feels I avoided. ⁣

Mental health is important! You owe it to yourselves and others to protect yours. ❤️

#bekind #behappy #beactive


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