11357948_372684149596795_1319348491_n Hi.  My friends and family call me Ali for short…since growing up in the 80’s & 90’s pronouncing my name seemed to be an impossible task.  I’m a mom, wife, teacher, sister, runner, ect…but I try not to let labels define me.  I’m not a mental health professional or expert on the topic of anorexia – I’m simply a person who, for most of my life has  battled and lived with the disorder. Through running I have found strength and courage to share my story.  Life is a marathon not a sprint…this mantra has saved my life and provided me with lessons I cherish daily.

You can also find me via:


Running Stats:

  • 24 Full Marathons (PR 4:26)
  • 14 Ultra Marathons (50K PR 5:53, 50 Mile PR 10:34)
  • 20+ Half Marathons (PR 2:04)
  • 20+ 5Ks (PR 25:56)


Running Groups:




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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ali,
    Just came across your website and just wanted to wish you all the best in what you do–I too suffered from an eating disorder while racing (which ultimately ended my running career). I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making this blog site! Hugs and good luck in all your races!! You are an inspiration 🙂


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