Interview with Race Directors: Ann Scholl & Scott Conklin, Titletown Ultra Series

Nestled in the heart of Packer Country approximately 15 minutes east half north of the famed Lambeau football field is one of the most unique and well organized races I have participated in over the last few years, the Titletown Ultra Series.  This event has all the warm fuzzy feelings of a trail event with... Continue Reading →

North Face WI Edurance Challenge Series 50k 2016 – Recap

To call myself a newbie in the trail running is an understatement! I am doing my very best to change that. I LOVE the adventure that trail running brings.  To be out on single track courses reminds me of high school cross-country.  I have never been a super fast runner, but I pride myself on... Continue Reading →

Tips & Tricks – Foot Care

As my running adventures continue and my mileage increases I have had to up my foot care game to keep my piggies happy.  Up to this point my approach has been very trial and error.  Here are a few things to take into consideration when caring for your feet: 1. Shoes:  You will never catch me... Continue Reading →

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