North Face WI Edurance Challenge Series 50k 2016 – Recap

To call myself a newbie in the trail running is an understatement! I am doing my very best to change that. I LOVE the adventure that trail running brings.  To be out on single track courses reminds me of high school cross-country.  I have never been a super fast runner, but I pride myself on... Continue Reading →

High Cliff 50k 2016 – Recap

I have officially fallen in love with trail running. I love the adventure and challenge that it provides.  I have been struggling to be confidence in my training as I prepare for the Fall 50 October 22nd.  Battling back from injury and self doubt has been a team effort.  I owe my friends, family, and coach... Continue Reading →

Tips & Tricks – Foot Care

As my running adventures continue and my mileage increases I have had to up my foot care game to keep my piggies happy.  Up to this point my approach has been very trial and error.  Here are a few things to take into consideration when caring for your feet: 1. Shoes:  You will never catch me... Continue Reading →

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