Time to Strike ONLY From Our Vocabulary

We need to get rid of the word "only" from our vocabulary. Things are not "only", they just are and the fact that we don't celebrate the hours and focus on the "only"...well that my friend is a big problem! I hear from so many runners (and I'm guilty of it myself) that they are... Continue Reading →

Tips & Tricks – Morning Workouts

Mornings are not my "thing", but I really want them to be. Most of my races start before the sun comes up and recreating that experience in training is crucial, plus mustering the motivation to workout after a long day is never easy.  I always have the best intentions to get up early, but more... Continue Reading →

High Cliff 50k 2016 – Recap

I have officially fallen in love with trail running. I love the adventure and challenge that it provides.  I have been struggling to be confidence in my training as I prepare for the Fall 50 October 22nd.  Battling back from injury and self doubt has been a team effort.  I owe my friends, family, and coach... Continue Reading →

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