Trial Separation – Getting Off My Scale

  I've dived into my past struggle with anorexia before in past posts.  Truth be told one does not escape those demons and I will forever be battling back the urge to fall into my old patterns and destructive behaviors, however there are times it is easier to carry on with my day to day... Continue Reading →

HFM Maritime Marathon 2016 – Recap

I had been looking forward to the HFM Maritime Marathon, it is a special race for me.  Last year at this time I had finished the Green Bay Cellcom 1/2 Marathon and was looking to ramp up my training.  On a whim I registered for the HFM 1/2 and had fully intended to run the... Continue Reading →

Ice Age Trail 50k 2016 – Recap

To sit down and write about this event was more difficult than I anticipated.  So many emotions and lessons to unpack as I reflected back on the experience.  Many of you know I race a lot and many of my events are in preparation for a "big" or goal race.  The past few months of... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter

Recently I have been seeing this term "tribe" used a lot.  It got me to thinking about the meaning of a tribe. According to a tribe is defined as any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions, adherence to the same leaders, etc.  As... Continue Reading →

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